Our Shop

We provide clean, super esthetic, exquisitely composed tattoos that enhance the body as a natural extension.

We are a full custom tattoo shop that will listen sincerely to your idea and apply our expertise to your foundation, whether it is a photo, a drawing or just an abstract idea, to create an image that is the best possible tattoo for you.

About Bryan

I have been tattooing for over 12 years, starting with a traditional apprenticeship from a talented and “old school tattoo master” Scott Schafer. Under his lead we grew Flaming Dragon Tattoo in Tacoma, to one of the finest tattoo shops in the North West. I had the opportunity to work with many talented artists there, all whom I learned much. After devoting 7 years to the success of FD I felt comfortable to work closer to my home in Seattle and work with my friend Benjamin Moss at his shop, Apocalypse Tattoo. World renowned, Apocalypse gave me the opportunity to work with many internationally recognized tattooers and create a sold foundation abroad and here in Seattle.

Our Mission

I opened Social Skins on Broadway in Seattle because as a kid coming here, this was the place that I saw the artists and counter culture warriors making a stand against the tired, antiquated belief of popular media based experience. My wife and I both live here and our son was born here, so Capitol Hill is where Social skins was born as well.

Social Skins’s mission is to create exquisitely rendered, uniquely composed artwork in the form of tattoos that masterfully represents and reaffirms the long tradition of tattooing in todays modern form. Social Skins is a shop that is a creative center of positive expression and transformation for all the diverse range of people that seek to change and enhance their body.

Tattooing has had many forms in the 5000 years of known practice. It is a tradition that spans all nations and all peoples thus truly being a practice of humanity. At some times and places tattooing has been associated with only the lower classes of the poor or the criminal, at other times it has been reserved for only the royalty or priestly cast administered by only the most respected spiritual leaders of the community. The exciting place that we have come to today is that never before in history has tattooing been accepted by such a wide range of the population at the same time have the technique and advanced application that we apply today. This is truly the time of the tattoo where more and more people from all walks of life are increasingly seeing tattooing as a means of real self- expression of literally “becoming art”.

We are not always in control of how our body is or looks, but with tattooing the power of change is put in the hands of the individual, the only thing necessary is the will and desire to make that change. To facilitate and provide a space for this change is my vision for Social Skins.